teardrop193 (teardrop193) wrote,

Patience (1/?) Sequel to This I Promise You

            “Stephanie, are you sitting down?” I’d never heard this tone to Nick’s voice before. I had to take a second look at the phone to make sure it was really him.

            “Yea, what’s the matter?” I could only hope that he wasn’t calling to tell me that he was either in jail or the hospital again.

            “It’s Greg.” His voice broke as he spoke. “H-he was attacked tonight Steph.”

            “What do you mean attacked?” The sound of voice alone answered the question I was about to ask. He wasn’t alright. “W-where is he?” Greg had become like my best friend, after helping to put my ex in jail, he’d become more like my brother.

            “He’s at the hospital, he’s stable but he took one hell of a beating in the process.” Though he was trying to keep his voice calm, it wavered as he spoke. “We could have lost him Stephanie.”

            “Where are you? You want me to meet you? You don’t sound like you’re alright.” While my mind raced about Greg, I was still worried about Nick. I’d never heard him sound like this before in the year we’d been dating each other.

            “I’m fine Stephanie, I don’t want you to meet me, and I’m headed for the crime scene now. I just wanted to let you know. I’ll get you more information as I can but we don’t know much. I’m sure if you wanted to go sit with him, he’d really appreciate it.” He sounded a little calmer this time as he spoke but I still wasn’t sure that it wasn’t put on. “Warrick says you aught to give Tina a call, she’d probably come stay with Izzy and make sure she’s alright while you’re gone.”

            “Alright, the numbers on the fridge isn’t it?” I was trying to remember whose numbers were there and whose weren’t. Rubbing my eyes for a minute I realized that despite the fact that I’d just been crawling into bed, I really wasn’t tired.

            “Yea, hers is there. Sorry I should have let you sleep but I knew if you found out and I hadn’t told you, you’d be upset.” He sounded tired as he spoke, and I felt bad. I knew he was exhausted after working the last couple of shifts and then staying up to spend time with Isabella. I’d tried encouraging him to get some sleep while Izzy napped but he wouldn’t give in to it.

            “Alright, I’ll let you know if I find anything out Nicky, I promise.” 


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